Zinc Borate

IntroductionZinc Borate(2ZnO·3B2O3·3.5H2O),Website:http://www.hx-flameretardant.com,Molecular weight: 434.75. It is a kind of powder with non-toxic, tasteless, no smell,relative density : 2.67,melt point: 980ºC,Insoluble in ethanol, butanol and acetone,Easily soluble in hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid and dimethyl.Refractivity: 1.58~1.59,hard to dissolve in cold water,but can dissolve slowly in hot water and turn into 1% solution,stable under 300ºC,once over 300ºC will release crystal water which can absorb heat and dilute oxygen in the air.IndexZinc oxide: 37.5±1.5Boric oxide: 48.0±1.5Water %: ≤1.0Residue on sieve(45um)%: ≤1.0ApplicationZinc Borate is a kind of Environment friendly inorganic flame retardant with many advantages such as smoke suppression, non-toxic, low cost,widely use. Usually as alternative of Sb2O3. It can be used in PVC、PBT、PET、PA、PP、PE、PPO etc.,and combine with aluminium hydroxide used in cable materials, PE, epoxy resin, acrylic ester and synthetic rubber as flame retardant or smoke suppression,in additional, Zinc Borate almost has no impact to strength, extensibility and thermal aging properties.Packing and Storage:Net 25kg/woven bag with inner plastic bag,stored in dry and cool place.


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