PP High Performance V2 Flame Retardant Master Batch CPP-4

IntroductionFR-CPP-4 consists of environment friendly flame retardant system of bromine,Website:http://www.hx-flameretardant.com, phosphorus and nitrogen, comply with ROHS requirement. It is not only relies on gas and condensed phases to the dual flame retardant but also takes away heat by melt dripping through the catalytic effect to get flame retardant effect. Advantages: high effective, low smoke, no mold corrosion, high smoothness, low halogen and high cost performance.ApplicationMainly used in PP injection and extrusion, such as: PP receptacle, PP blower, except that, it can be used in PP hollow plate, cast film, non woven fabric, panel, clapboard, enclosure of household appliance, connecter, outdoor flame retardant seat etc. Products.IndexItemIndexAppearanceWhite GranularDensity g/cm31.10Decomposition Temp℃≥230Content %>40Water Content %≤0.1Recommended Dosage4-6%Solubility Index g/min,200℃5kg21.0Melting Temp ℃≥160Extrusion Process (Twin Screw Extruder)Note: Vacuum when production; Recommended Screw L/D 1:36-40;Packing/Storage25KG/bag: Transported as a common chemical and stored in dry and cool place, avoid direct sunlight. Appendix:Application Examples1-1.FormulaMaterialsFormula APPT30S100-PPJ340-100FR-CPP-446Flame Retardancy UL94 3.2/1.6mmV2V21-2.Technical DataPropertiesTest MethodsUnitPPT30SPPJ340Formula ADensityASTMD-792g/cm30. StrengthASTM-D638Mpa31.323.331.124.0Elongation At BreakASTM-D638%350.61006.6230308Flexural StrengthASTM-D790Mpa27.219.230.323.6Flexural ModulusASTM-D790MPa980.4683.51260.6918.5Izod Impact Strength Notched(23℃)ASTM-D256KJ/m25.35556.351.9Flame Retardancy 3.2mmUL94_Non flame retardantNon flame retardantV2V2GWFIIEC60695-2-12℃Non flame retardantNon flame retardant875/3.0875/3.0Color--Nature ColorNature ColorNature ColorNature Color1-3. PP Injection Process:Drying condition: Drying at 70-75 deg C to 2-3 hours by desiccant dryers.Injection machine temperature setup:Heating ZoneStep1Step2Step3NozzleTemperature170180190180Note:1. All the application typical data above are just for reference, not an official warranty certificate.2. Provide different design solutions according to requirement of customers.


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