HIPS Plastic Sheets Flame Retardant Masterbatch(HXFR-HIPSBC01)

Suzhou Haixiang Plastic Chemical Co.,Ltd is one of the leading China hips plastic sheets flame retardant masterbatch(hxfr-hipsbc01) manufacturers. With professional factory,Website:http://www.hx-flameretardant.com, we are able to produce universal, high performance, high cost performance, popular, steady, high capacity, and nice reputation hips plastic sheets flame retardant masterbatch(hxfr-hipsbc01). If you are checking China distributor, China export and import, please feel free to contact us. And welcome to buy and purchase cheap and high-quality or wholesale hips plastic sheets flame retardant masterbatch(hxfr-hipsbc01) from us.IntroductionHXFR-HIPSBC01 consists of environment friendly flame retardant system of bromine and antimony, passed the evaluation of SGS, CTI .etc certification authority and comply with ROHS requirement. Advantage: Good compatibility with HIPS with high toughness, good dispersity, high temperature resistant, high UV-Resistance, non-blooming.And there is no spherulites, bump and hole in production.ApplicationMainly used in some HIPS products with low speed extrusion and long screw residence time, such as extrusion sheet and thin plastic sheet .etc.IndexAppearanceWhite granularContent %75Solubility index g/min,200℃5kg3.7Density g/cm³1.45Water Content%≤0.1Melting Temp℃≥160Decomposition Temp℃≥300Recommended Dosage28~30Extrusion process (Twin Screw Extruder)Note: Vacuum when production; Recommended Screw L/D 1:36-40;Recommended Screw Combination Chart52 machine (Thread Block total 40 pcs, Screw L/D1:36)132/322248/48Vent232/322348/48332/322490°/5/48448/482560°/4/32548/482616L648/482732/32764/64Vacuum2832/32864/642945°/5/48916L3045°/5/481060°/4/323130°/7/641132/323232/321232/323332/321390°/5/483448/481460°/4/323548/481545°/5/483648/481645°/5/483764/641732/323864/641860°/4/323964/641945°/5/484048/48A2032/32.Feeding2132/32Thread Block ModelNumberTotal Length(mm)16L23232/321238448/48838448/48A14864/64532030°/7/6416445 °/5/48524060 °/4/32413290 °/5/48296Total401700Packing/Storage25KG/bag: Transported as a common chemical and stored in dry and cool place, avoid direct sunlightAppendix:Application examples1. Formula:MaterialsFormula AHIPS334170HXFR-HIPSBC01302. Technical Data:PropertiesTest MethodsUnitHIPS3341Formula ADensityG/cm3³1.031.13Melt Index (200℃/5KG)200℃5kg2.35Tensile strengthASTM- D638MPa28.623.7Elongation At Break%77.360.5Flexural StrengthASTM D-792MPa39.444.9Flexural ModulusASTM D-955MPa1885.51906.1Izod Impact Strength Notched (23℃)ASTM-D256KJ/m212.512.8Flame Retardancy 0.8mmUL94--Non flame retardantV0ColorNatural colorNatural color3. Extrusion Process:Drying condition: Drying at 70-75 deg C to 2-3 hours by desiccant dryersExtruder Temperature SetupScrew Temperature120135791113151719165175195200200200200200200200652468101214161820175185200200200200200200200200Die-head Temperature12345Roller Temperature123200205205205205222020Note:1.All the application typical data above are just for reference, not an official warranty certificate.2.Provide different design solutions according to requirement of customers.


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