CI.Pigment Red 57.1-Lithol Rubine BK

Hangzhou Shine Chemicals Co.,Ltd is one of the top level China ci.pigment red 57.1-lithol rubine bk manufacturers,Website:, welcome to wholesale cheap ci.pigment red 57.1-lithol rubine bk from our factory.Pigment Red SeriesC.I. Pigment Red 57:1C.I.NO.:15850:1Chemical Name: Lithol Rubine BK1.Description:Lithol Rubine BK (C.I.Pigment Red 57:1), which is middle transparent, good migration resistance.2.Physical and Chemical Properties:Type:Organic PigmentCAS No.:5281-04-9C.I.NO.:Pigment Red 57:1H.S.CODE:32041700Appearance :Red PowderLight Fastness:5-6Heat Resistance:160Water Resistance:4-5Oil Resistance:3Acid Resistance:4Alkali Resistance:5Oil Absorption(ml/100g)50±53.Application:Lithol Rubine BK (C.I.Pigment Red 57:1) is recommended for offset inks, plastic and rubber, select for solvent based paint.4.Package&ShipmentPackaging : Generally 25KGS Compound Bag With 1.1*1.1m Fumigation Free Pallet; Be fasten with at least three-layer wrapping film and covered with strong large cartons to ensure the stability during transport.Delivery Time: 20-25 days after receiving orders.  5.Payment termsT/T,L/C, D/P will be available6.Technical Support &Certificate:TDS&MSDS, SGS basis on standard AP(89)1,EN71.3, RoHS, REACH pre-registration,ISO,etc.7.SHINE“One Stop Shop”Pigments Suppliers For you :Our sales will be available for you 24hours;Free Pigment Samples will be offered;Markets information and prices update in real time;A professional technical team would let you no worry the quality problem;A nice documents department would support you arrange customs clearance; It’s our responsibility to satisfy you!! Shine Chemicals’ Pigments would be your good choice !!8.More inquiry


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