PVD Coating System Metalizing Coating Environmental Friendly

PVD coating system metalizing coating Is a comprehensive vacuum equipment manufacturers and service providers, has automatic vacuum coating machine, vacuum coating equipment and other products, has more than 10 years the accumulation of vacuum coating technology, its advanced coating equipment, including high evaporation coating systems, ion plating, magnetron sputtering coating system, laser sputtering deposition system, wired coating production line is merged into the dominant etc series products. If you interested in vacuum coating systems please let me know below:1) you want to plating chrome on what products ?2.) estimated that how many pcs per day you do coating ? how many hours you work per day ? 3) what is the dimensiion of your products ? the same size , if not the same, please tell me the maximum/minimum dimension. 4) your product material ? 5) any other special requirements ?UV plating PVD coating line The process flow1. Surface treatment: usually, before coating, dealing with the base material (plating) for oil removal, dust removal, such as pretreatment, to ensure a clean, dry plating, avoid bottom coating appeared pitting, poor adhesion shortcoming.For special materials, such as PE (polyethylene) materials, etc., also deal with the modification and coating in order to achieve the desired effect.2. The bottom coating, surface coating: coating construction, automatic spray can be used, also can use artificial spraying and dip coating, specific should see plating pieces of size, shape, structure and user equipment and other specific conditions and the quality requirements of the customers.3. The bottom paint drying: drying in order to improve production efficiency.Often the drying temperature is 60-70 ℃, about 2 hours.Baking finish the requirement of paint film is completely dry.4. The surface coating drying: in a relatively thin bottom coating surface coating, so the drying temperature is low, the user can flexibly according to actual condition, finally should guarantee the coating thoroughly dry.If the plating does not need to color, the process is over here.5. Coating: coating, shall ensure that the vacuum coating machine is achieved after reheat tungsten filament, and strictly control the heating time.At the same time, should grasp well the amount of coating with metal (such as aluminum), too little can lead to metal film hidden substrate, too much, in addition to waste, can also affect the life of tungsten wire and coating quality.Production process:On the artificial thing —— flame treatment -——since the electric activity—— spray primer—— primer to dry—— under the artificial thing ——vacuum coating ——on the artificial thing —— since the electric activity——spray paint——UV curing ——cooling——artificial parts


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