All kinds of foam

  1. Makeup  Bath type,protective packaging type,Purification equipment, filtration class,Noise insulation sound absorption class
    Daily household cleaning category,heat preservation class,Clothing footwear and headwear,Electronic Protection Class,Flocking Composite Class,Rubber Foam Class,Home Building Class,Fire retardant class,Toys  Luggage  class


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sponge puff
sponge puff 性能:清洗去除死皮应用:泳儿女士和形状:根据客户需求的优势:软质材料,漂亮的外观,会给您最好的保护;
natural wood pulp foam
natural wood pulp foam 性能:清洗去除死皮应用:泳儿女士和形状:根据客户需求的优势:软质材料,漂亮的外观,会给您最好的保护;
 anti-collision foam
anti-collision foam       feature Abrasion resistance, toughness, anti-vibration function anti-static;FR Uses electornics packaging Industry Standard GB,BS-...
oval bath sponge
oval bath sponge 性能:清洗去除死皮应用:泳儿女士和形状:根据客户需求的优势:软质材料,漂亮的外观,会给您最好的保护;
EVA products
EVA products feature Abrasion resistance, toughness, anti-vibrationfunction anti-static;FRUses electornics packagingIndustry Standard GB,BS-...

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