Estradiol valerate

Estradiol valerate

English Synonyms: 3,5(10)-triene-3,17-diol(17-beta)-estra-17-pentanoate;atladiol;b-estradiol17-valerate;deladiol;delahormoneunimatic;delestrogen;delestrogen4x;dura-estradiol

CAS NO.: 979-32-8

Assay: 98%

Molecular Formula:C23H32O3

Molecular Weight:356.5

Packing:1kg,5kg/foil bag,25kg/drum

Appearance:white fine powder

Usage: Estradiol (E2 or 17β-estradiol) (also oestradiol) is a sex hormone. Estradiol is the predominant sex hormone present in females. It is also present in males, being produced as an active metabolic product of testosterone. It represents the major estrogen in humans. Estradiol has not only a critical impact on reproductive and sexual functioning, but also affects other organs including the bones.

Estradiol valerate  is a medicine which is used in Hormone Replacement Therapy in postmenopausal women who have had a hysterectomy.
Estradiol valerate contains a hormone which is similar to the hormone oestrogen that is produced by the body. When women go through the menopause, levels of oestrogen become low. This leads to symptoms such as hot flushes, night sweats and dryness of the vagina. Estradiol valerate helps to replace the low levels of oestrogen which may help to relieve the symptoms of the menopause. This is known as hormone replacement therapy.

Treating certain symptoms of menopause (eg, hot flashes, vaginal itching, burning, or dryness). It is used to treat low levels of estrogen caused by certain conditions. It may be used to treat certain types of prostate cancer (advanced androgen-dependent). It may also be used for other conditions as determined by your doctor.
Estradiol valerate is a female estrogen hormone. It works by replacing natural estrogens in a woman who can no longer produce enough estrogen. It works for advanced prostate cancer by antagonizing male hormones.


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