high nitrogen HVP powder

Spray dried  hydrolyzed vegetable protein powder (HVP), use non-GMO soy, wheat, corn as raw material. Used as food ingredients in blend seasoning, sauces, snacks, backed foods, etc. without dosage limit. This product is very popular among our Japanese clients.


Malt-dextrin, Salt

Product standard:

Sensory characteristics Appearance Well proportioned light brown powder
Size 100%through 60 meshes
Savor Typical fresh flavor and fragrance of hydrolyzed vegetable protein
Physical and chemical Total nitrogen(%) 5.0±0.5
Moisture(%) ≦6.0
Chloride(%) ≦40
pH(2%) 4.8-5.0
Hygiene index Total plate account(cfu/g) ≦5000
Coliform(MPN/100g) ≦30
Salmonella(/g) N.D
Pb ≦1mg/kg
As ≦0.5mg/kg

Packaging and storage:

Packaging:20kgs packed in 2 layered plastic bag(thickness:0.08mm), and then packed in Kraft carton(N.W:20kg,G.W:21kg)

Size of carton: 480mm×295mm×295mm (15tons/20'container)

Shelf life:18 months


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