4-Chlorodehydromethyltestosterone (Skype:sales09_109)


Detailed Product Description:

Other name:Turinabol-oral
CAS register number:2446-23-3
Molecular formula: C20H27ClO2
Molecular weight:334.8802
Molecular structure:

Product description:

Turinabol was developed in the 1960's when East German's were looking for an edge for their Olympic and competitive athletes. It is currently only obtainable through underground labs.
Steroid Action: This is a slower acting steroid. When using Turinabol, weight, strength and muscle mass increases will not be overly dramatic; however, they will be of good quality. Turinabol also does not typically create risk for estrogenic side effects, so there is limited water retention or risk for gynecomastia. The user can obtain a hard look to their muscles due to limited water retention.
It is 17-alpha alkylated which means it can be toxic to the liver. Turinabol can also lower the clotting ability of blood.
If you really want to boost your natural testosterone levels, and receive all the benefits that come with it ie. greater muscle mass and strength, improved endurance, enhanced recovery etc. It is the most important product you will ever use!.
Negative side effects are rare but can occur from cycles that are too long or high in dosage. Shutting off of one's own natural testosterone production and testicular tumors (extremely rare) are both side effects of such extreme cycles.

User Notes: Recently, Oral-Turinabol has found its way back into the hands of athletes all over the world. It's the "new" sexy drug that's actually very old. It was the East German secret weapon when their sports doping program was at it's height.
O-T, or T-bol as it's sometimes called, is a very nice strength and mass drug, and since it can't convert to estrogen, can even be used on a cutting diet. For this reason, it gets my "most versatile oral" award.

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