Dibucaine hydrochloride (Skype:sales09_109)

Dibucaine hydrochloride

Product Description

Dibucaine Hydrochloride

99% High Purity Local Anesthetic Dibucaine Hydrochloride
English name: Dibucaine hydrochloride
English Name: Cinchocaine hydrochloride; 2-butoxy-n- (2- (diethylamino) ethyl) -4-quinolinecarboxamidmonohydrochlorid; 2-butoxy-n- (2- (diethylamino) ethyl) -cinchoninamidmonohydrochloride; 2-butoxy-n- (2 -diethylaminoethyl) cinchoninicacidamidehydrochloride; 2-n-butoxy-n- (2-diethylaminoethyl) cinchoninamidehydrochloride; 4-Quinolinecarboxamide, 2-butoxy-N- [2- (diethylamino) ethyl] -, monohydrochloride; Benzolin (localanesthetic); Butoxycinchoninicaciddiethylethylenediamidehydrochloride; C3225; 2 - {[(2-butoxyquinolin-4-yl) carbonyl] amino} -N, N-diethylethanaminium chloride; 2-butoxy-N- [2- (diethylamino) ethyl] quinoline-4-carboxamide dihydrochloride; Dibucaine HCl; Cinchocaine HCl
CAS: 61-12-1
EINECS number: 200-498-1
Molecular formula: C20H31Cl2N3O2
Molecular weight: 416.385
MP: 99-101 º C
Boiling point: 544.7 ° C at 760 mmHg
Flash Point: 283.2 ° C
Vapor Pressure: 3.37E-12mmHg at 25 ° C
MP 99-101 ° C
Product use:
Used as a local anesthetic

Local Anaesthesta
Procaine Hydrochloride
Ropivacaine Mesylate
Tetracaine HCl
Propitocaine Hydrochloride
Levobupivacaine Hydrochloride
Aarticaine Hydrochloride
Lidocaine HCl
Benzocaine Hydrochloride

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Dibucaine hydrochloride (Skype:sales09_109)
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