Diglycolic anhydride

Diglycolic anhydride
Synonyms: Acetic acid, 2,2'-oxybis-, cyclic anhydride;Acetic acid, oxydi-, cyclic anhydride;Diglycolic acid anhydride;Oxydiacetic anhydride;p-Dioxane-2,6-dione;1,4-DIOXINE-2,6-DIONE;1,4-DIOXANE-2,6-DIONE;DIGLYCOLIC ANHYDRIDE
CAS: 4480-83-5
MF: C4H4O4
MW: 116.07
EINECS: 224-761-5
mp  92-93 °C(lit.)
bp  240-241 °C(lit.)
Fp  240-241°C
Sensitive  Moisture Sensitive
Chemical Properties white to off-white
Purity: 98%
Usage: API
Package: 1KG foil bag; 25Kg drum

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