99% purity white crystalline Estrogen powder



99% purity white crystalline Estrogen powder Progesterone Progesterone
Synonyms: Luteosan; Luteostab; Luteovis; Luteum; Lutex; Lutidon; Lutociclina; Lutocylin; Lutoform; Lutren; Lutromone
CAS: 57-83-0
Formula: C21H30O2
Molecular Weight: 314.51
EINECS: 200-350-6
Assay: 98%
Appearance: Progesterone is a kind of white Crystalline powder
Packge: 1kg/foil bag
Density: 1.08 g/cm3
Melting Point: 128-132 ° C(lit. )
Boiling Point: 447.2 ° C at 760 mmHg
Flash Point: 166.7 ° C
Solubility: <0.1 g/100 mL at 19 ° C in water
Usage: Progesterone is a kind of Sterid hormone produced by the corpus luteum. Induces maturation and secretory activity of the uterine endothelium
Storage: Progesterone should be Protected from Sunlight, Moisture and Heat.

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Progesterone is a man-made medication derived from a plant source and is identical to the female hormone, progesterone produced in the ovaries. It promotes the development of the mammary glands, causes changes in the endometrium, which lines the uterus, relaxes uterine smooth muscles, blocks ovulation within the ovaries, and maintains pregnancy. Progesterone was approved in May, 1998.
Progesterone belongs to a group of steroid hormones called progestogens. It is mainly secreted by the corpus luteum in the ovary during the second half of the menstrual cycle. It plays important roles in the menstrual cycle and in maintaining the early stages of pregnancy.
During the menstrual cycle, when an egg is released from the ovary at ovulation (approximately day 14), the remnants of the ovarian follicle that enclosed the developing egg form a structure called the corpus luteum. This releases progesterone and, to a lesser extent, oestradiol. The progesterone prepares the body for pregnancy in the event that the released egg is fertilised. If the egg is not fertilised, the corpus luteum breaks down, the production of progesterone falls and a new menstrual cycle begins.

Progesterone capsules are used to prevent endometrial enlargement (hyperplasia) in postmenopausal women who have not had their uterus removed (hysterectomy) and who are receiving daily conjugated estrogens. Progesterone capsules also are used for the treatment of secondary amenorrhea (absence of menstrual periods).
Progesterone cream is sometimes used in hormone replacement therapy and for treating menopausal symptoms such as hot flashes. Topical progesterone is also used for treating or preventing certain allergies in which hormones play a role; and for treating bloating, breast tenderness, decreased sex drive, depression, fatigue, lumpy (fibrocystic) breasts, headaches, low blood sugar, increased blood clotting, infertility, irritability, memory loss, miscarriages, brittle bones (osteoporosis), bone loss in younger women, symptoms of PMS, thyroid problems, “foggy thinking,” uterine cancer, uterine fibroids, water retention, weight gain, and vaginal irritation (vulval lichen sclerosis).

Progesterone main physiological functions:
1, to maintain pregnancy in female animals, pregnant animals and cause a series of physiological changes, such as the suppression of estrus females.
2, to promote uterine mucosa thickening, bending and increased glandular secretion function.
3, inhibition of uterine peristalsis, and to shrink the cervical secretion of viscous liquids. These physiological changes of the early embryo run, growth and development, implantation and post-implantation fetal growth to continue to provide appropriate environmental conditions.
4, a small amount of progestin and estrogen collaboration, promote dams estrus. Progesterone and prolactin coordination, promote the development of mammary glands.
5, progesterone participate in the hypothalamus and anterior pituitary feedback regulation, coordination and balance so that the secretion of reproductive hormones in animals. Body content, a variety of livestock follicular phase progesterone levels below 1 ng / ml in the luteal phase cattle about 4 ng / ml, pregnancy about 18 ng / ml.

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