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Chenodeoxycholic Acid
Synonyms: 3alpha, 7alpha-Dihydroxy-5beta-cholanic acid; Chenodiol; CDCA;
CAS No.: 474-25-9
Molecular Formula: C24H40O4
Molecular Weight: 392.58
Assay: 99%
Appearance: White Powder
Loss on Drying: 0.80%
Residual on Ignition: 0.30%
Solubility: Clear and no deposit
Heavy Metals: 15ppm (Complies)
Standard: In-house standard
Test method: HPLC

Product Description:

Cholic acid is a kind of sterols, is four major human one of the most abundant content of bile acid, derived from it and gca taurocholic acid is the main human bile acid. Liver secretion to bile in the bile salt (sodium salt of bile acid) is a powerful emulsifier.

After bile flow through the upper small intestine, bile salt emulsifying fat, help the digestion and absorption. In the emulsifying fat globules fatty acid glyceride and absorbed by the lower part of the small intestine, bile salt is absorbed by weight. They returned to the liver and be reused, so total bile salt circulation between liver and small intestine.Cholic acid is synthesized from liver, bile into the duodenum, as one part of the digestive juice, can promote digestion and absorption of lipid.

Product Application:

(1) It can treat cholecystitis, the lack of bile, intestinal indigestion and gallstones etc.
(2) It can prevent and treat liver diseases.
(3) It is a kind of organic acid and can be used to produce vitamin D2 and D3.


(1) It can emulsify fat and improve its function of digestion as a kind of organic acid.
(2) It can be applied in emulgator.
(3) It can be applied in the research of biochemistry as a kind of medical intermediate.
(4) It can be applied in non ion-modified detergent to extract membrane protein.
(5) It is mainly used as medicine raw materials.
(6) The cholesterol is still the raw material of cosmetics, and a good surfactant of medicine products. It can also be used for additive of animal feed.


Check Item Check Indicatrix Check Results
Melting point About165-167ºC 166ºC
Appearance White or almost white powder Confirmed
Specific Optical Rotation +11.0°~+13. 0° +12.5°
Chenodeoxycholic acid Comparable IR absorption with thereference Confirmed
Chenodeoxycholic acid The spot is similar in position,colour and size with the reference spot Confirmed
Related substances(TLC) any other single impurity : n.m.t.0.25% Confirmed
Heavy metals n.m.t. 10PPM Confirmed
Loss on drying n.m.t. 2.0% 1. 5%
Sulphated ash n.m.t. 0.5% 0.11%
Content of C24H40O4 95.0%~98.0%()
95.0%~98.0%(as dry basis) 99%


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