Alias: Oligoglucosamine, Chitosan, chitosan oligosaccharide
CAS No. 148411-57-8
Assay: 90%
Appearance: off-white powder
Specification: Enterprise standard
Package: 25kg/drum
Property: Chitosan oligosaccharide is made of chitosan depolymerization, chitin, chitosan product upgrade products, has advantages of chitosan incomparable. Qingdao bozhihui power using advanced bio enzymatic preparation of chitosan oligosaccharide, it has: Low molecular weight, good water solubility, functional effects, easy be absorbed by human body, the advantages of higher biological activity. At the same time with: Characteristics of pure natural, no radiation, no pollution, no added.

1. food field: Dairy: as probiotics (such as Bifidobacterium) activation factor, Ca and mineral absorption. Seasoning: as a natural preservative products instead of sodium benzoate preservatives. Beverages: application in slimming, detoxification, immune regulation in functional drinks. Fruits and vegetables: film, the film has permeability, water resistance, also have antiseptic effect.
2. medical field: The wound from bacterial infection, but also can permeate the air and water, promote wound healing. By lysozyme degradation in organism to generate natural metabolites, is non-toxic, can be fully absorbed by organism, so use it as a drug delivery agent has superiority.
3. the daily chemical field: The chitosan oligosaccharide has obvious moisture, activate the body cells, prevent rough skin and aging skin, inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria, antimicrobial resistance surface skin disease and UV absorption and other effects, can be used in moisturizing, anti wrinkle, sunscreen and other types of skin care products; chitosan oligosaccharide with maintaining membrane permeability into the hair surface, humid comb, and antistatic, anti dust, anti itching to dandruff, used in hair care products in.


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