Zinc Gluconate


Zinc Gluconate

Molecular Formula: C12H22ZnO14 Anhydrous C12H22ZnO14· 2H2O Dihydrate

Molecular Weight: 455.68 Anhydrous 491.71 Dihydrate

CAS No.: 4468-02-4 Dihydrate

Specification: USP/FCC/BP grade

Characters: Occurs as a white or nearly white, granular or crystalline powder and as a mixture of various states of hydration, up to the trihydrate, depending on the method of isolation. It is freely soluble in water and very slightly soluble in alcohol.

Application: Nutrient.

Package: Fiber drum or all paper drum or kraft paper bag, 25Kg net each

Storage: Stored in well-closed containers in a dry place at room temperature

Transportation: Handle with care in order to avoid damaging the package, protect them from sunshine or rain.


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