Manganese Gluconate


Manganese Gluconate

Molecular Formula: C12H22MnO14 Anhydrous C12H22MnO14·2H2O Dihydrate

Molecular Weight: 445.24 Anhydrous 481.27 Dihydrate

CAS No.: 6485-39-8 Dihydrate

Specification: USP/FCC/BP grade

Characters: Occurs as a slightly pink powder. The anhydrous form is obtained by spray drying, and the dihydrate is obtained by crystallization. It is very soluble in hot water and is very slightly soluble in alcohol.

Application: Nutrient.

Package: Fiber drum or all paper drum or kraft paper bag, 25Kg net each

Storage: Stored in well-closed containers in a dry place at room temperature

Transportation: Handle with care in order to avoid damaging the package, protect them from sunshine or rain.


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