zinc flake powder

Mainly used for zinc rich coatings anticorrosion base material,Website:http://www.honorpigment.com, can replace some or all of the spherical zinc powder zinc rich coatings, can greatly improve the coating corrosion resistance. Can be used for a variety of paint alkyd, epoxy, vinyl, phenol, water - soluble acrylic emulsion, fluorocarbon resin, polyurethane, etc., can also with other anti corrosion paint with in the primer and topcoat. In order to improve the gloss and wear resistance of coatings. Application of introduction to the principle and characteristics of: flake zinc powder can be zinc rich primer made with various resins, such as ethyl silicate, epoxy ester, epoxy and polyurethane. Considering the structure, even if the formula in zinc amount less than ordinary zinc powder paint quantity, it will not reduce the anticorrosive performance of the coating. Also can flake zinc powder and spherical zinc powder mixed use, to enhance the anti - corrosion effect and reduce zinc consumption; anti corrosion coating liquid as a topcoat can also be used as primer containing zinc plate water, greatly enhances the corrosion protection performance. These flake zinc rich coatings not only reduces the coating of zinc consumption, also of coating and the corrosion fatigue life has also been greatly improved.


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