Some tips about Anchor bolts in the foundation

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Anchor bolts need sufficient stretch length to be tightened properly. When there is a termination in the bolt embedded in the foundation, it
creates zones in which the concrete works in tension, not compression. If in addition there are sharp edges, you have stress risers with
concrete in tension. This will make cracks appear soon and propagate horizontally throughout the entire foundation. Oil presence will worsen
this situation.

Pernos 2Other unsuited anchor bolts types used when installing machinery are the hook type, the l type and the fish-tail type. We advocate
for straight, full threaded rods, with no more than half of its length isolated with PE foam and grouted with our epoxy grout. This is the
best way to disperse evenly the stresses from the anchor bolt to the foundation, without stress risers. The adhesion concrete-grout and
grout-steel is stronger than the cohesion of the substrates.

We fix broken and loosened anchor bolts, couple them with new sections or, if necessary, replace them with new proper ones. In this example,
corrosion forced the maintenance team to change all the anchor bolts, so Alphatec prepared and executed its proposal:
1) Drill around the bolts until healthy steel appears.
2) Thread upper part.
3) Lengthen bolt with proper coupling.
4) Epoxy grout
5) Enjoy non problematic, long lasting solution.

We check the material strength of the bolts and the specified torque to ensure that the fastening load of approximately 50% of the yield
strength is utilised. Under-tightened anchor bolts are a major source of broken bolts, and machinery problems.


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