Dolomite powder for powder coating

Dolomite is Carbonate of Calcium and Magnesium “Ca Mg (CO3)2”. We are recognized as one of the prominent Dolomite Rock Powder Manufacturers and Suppliers in India. The Dolomite Powder is extensively used in Iron & Steel Industries due to its strength and compatibility in process of purifying Iron & Steel. Natural Dolomite Powder is of White Color and is used as Filler in many applications such as Soap & Detergent, Paints, Ceramics and many other Industries. The total production of Dolomite Powder for the year 2007-08 was 1000 M.T. per month.

Applications :

  • Soap & Detergent
  • Leather Cloth Industry
  • Cable Industries
  • Rigid PVC Pipes
  • Iron, Steel, and Ferro-Alloys Industries
  • Paints, Inks, Powder Coating
  • Ceramic Industry
  • Rubber Industry
  • Glass Industry

Grades :

  • Dolomite powder is available from 100 Mesh to 700 Mesh
  • Dolomite is also available in Lumps sizes of 25 mm. onwards used in Iron & Steel Industries.

Packing :

  • Available in 25Kg, 50 Kg.

Total Production of Dolomite in 2007-08 :

  • Powder Sizes : 1000 M.T. per month.
  • Lumps & Granules : 5000 M.T. per month in Lumps


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Dolomite powder for powder coating
Dolomite powder for powder coating
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