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 Acafa is the most unique high-end brands that provide Full HD Long-Range AV solutions and create

high-qualityremote excellent products,leading our customers are able to enjoy the perfect technology.

We have the most friendly staff and provide you with high-end products, allowing you to enjoy

like the royal level of service,welcome to join

Acafa ,enhance HD quality ,we only giving you the most advanced products ,

it would be our pleasure to serve for you.


Product Focus


Acafa provide not only from entry-level to enterprise-class KVM complete product for multi-audio, video

switcher / splitter and a variety of interfaces extender, but also give the guests quite a variety to choose from.

Acafa always insisted on product innovation, top quality , positive mental attitude , which makes Acafa

possess famous reputation in Taiwan and obtain recognition and

praise through several major manufacturers , depending on the company effort.

Product diversification is the best superiority for Acafa customer service.

we will continuously launch many forward-looking product to meet the diverse needs of different consumers.




Outlook the world are Acafa towards the goal, we have the experience serve in Taiwan,we also let this active

attitude to serve global customers . Facing considerable change in recent years,

the industry and the market has become increasingly severe challenges,

Acafa still positive challenges continue to grow and to seek innovation in

the sound pragmatic management, to achieve the diversity product of introduction ,

strengthen marketing and service, to maintain market competitiveness.

Acafa will with our customer to build jointly the "Sharing Digital Technology"kingdom.


矩陣式光纖延長器   多功能矩陣式HDMI光纖及Cat5/6網路線延長擴充器   可透過網路線 / 光纖 / Giga網路交換器 將HDMI/RS232/IR至1000米(Cat5/6)或30公里(光纖)安裝. 可透過串接方式達到 1對多 多對1 ...
4進6出HDMI切換+遙控延長擴充器 【HD4600系列】是一款最新的HDMI延長方案。這款產品有4個HDMI源可供選擇,有6個RJ-45口,且每個口都可以接菊連接收器,每個接收器可以繼續串接2個。 通過cat.5e/6線材連接,傳送端和接收端或者接收端之間(點對點)的延長距離高達100米。 另外可透過網路交...
HDMI/RS-232/IR延長擴充器-內建分配器 內建同步分配多台顯示功能 一線搞定: 影像及音源只透過一條網路線即可達到延伸效果,有別於一般HDMI訊號延長器需分成兩條網路線來做延伸 可任意往下串接,10級延伸1000米遠距離,解析度達1920X1080 全球獨家內建轉換器,可混搭不同介面輸出(VGA/Display port) 完全不需轉...
4進4出的HDMI矩陣切換延長器 兩地高畫質顯示,HD 影音延長器,可串接達1000米(1080P)HDMI CAT6 串接式訊號增強器 【HDM4400系列】一款具有4進4出的HDMI矩陣切換延長器。每個接收端都可支援2埠網路線分配延長的功能,點對點的延長距離達100米。HDMI來源可以由面板...
Single Port KVM over IP
Single Port KVM over IP
ACAFA KE200U USB KVM Extender 200m
ACAFA KE200U USB KVM Extender 200m 以手代腳,KVM訊號穩定長距離傳輸-經濟型 【KE200U】為螢幕, 鍵盤, 滑鼠 / 電腦控制端 USB KVM CAT5 延長器,透過一組傳送器及接收器,兩端之間以一條 CAT5/CAT5E/CAT6 纜線相互連接,便可將螢幕、鍵盤、滑鼠的訊號做延長,最遠可達 200 公尺;遠近...
4 Port HDMI KVM Switch with USB3.0 HUB and Audio & MHL
CM5500 HDbeset Extender with Audio RS232 and POE
CM5500 HDbeset Extender with Audio RS232 and POE
HDMI Multiple sender to Multiple Receiver Cascaded-chainable Optical Extenders
HDMI Multiple sender to Multiple Receiver Cascaded-chainable Optical Extenders
8-Port Cat.5 VGA 影音延長器
8-Port Cat.5 VGA 影音延長器 8埠 VGA Cat.5 影音分配延長器 330m      VAE338T 為 8 埠的 Cat.5 影音分配延長器,近端支援一組顯示輸出,遠端支援 8 組同步顯示輸出並採用最新 Cat.5 網路線延長技術,其線材長度可達 ...
HDMI+usb延長器 目前最高技術未經壓縮的4K/2K 3D和1080P HDMI視訊延伸技術 支援HDMI USB鍵鼠 三音頻線路輸出(TOSLINK/ SPDIF/立體聲) 雙向遙控裝置,透過網路線將以上訊號延伸至70米遠距離操控.並可應用於遠距離交互式觸控設備,如多點觸控式螢幕或投影機.應用於醫療 專業音響...
HDMI+VGA+BNC Mixed signal Switch
HDMI+VGA+BNC Mixed signal Switch
HDMI+VGA+BNC Mixed signal Switch