Interior Wood Paneling Acoustic Panel, Wood Wool Acoustic Panel


Colorbo soundproof interior wall wood wool panel is made from imported poplar, wood wool mixed with some magnesite materials and suppressed under the high-temperature, without any industrial adhesives, formaldehyde release meet the national environmental standards E1 class (GB18580-2001), fire performance could reach the national grade B (GB8624-2006), the NRC sound-absorbing coefficient up to 0.8.

It combines the advantages of wood and cement board: as light as the wood, as substantial as the cement, with the characters like sound-absorbing, shock resistance, fire resistance, waterproof, moisture & mildew protection, it can be widely used in sports stadiums, theaters, cinema, conference rooms, churches, factories, schools, libraries, swimming pools and other offices, and has a good acoustic and decorative effect.

Features & Benifites

  1. COLORBO wood wool panel is really green product. All the raw materials are using the pure naturalmatter. And there's no any additive during the pressing process, so HCHO is totally eradicated which do harm to human health. 2. Light and safe COLORBO wood wool panel's weight only is half of the traditional wooden acoustic panel. It could utmost reduce the carrying capacity o the ceiling and wall,and reduce the total cost reasongbly. Make it safer and economize manpower. 3. Super strong impact resistance capacity COLORBO wood wool panel use the patented technology to enhanced treatment. Has the great endurance, stability, and high impact resistance capacity. 4. Thermal insulation‘ heat insulation and waterproof COLORBO wood wool board also has the function of thermal insulation to the roof and wall,thermal insulation and moisture to the floor besides the excellent sound-absorbing function. 5. Firproofing COLORBO wood wool board through the special processing can reach the strict Grade B of fire protection standard. 6. Return to its original nature beauty COLORBO wood wool board surface structure return to it's original nature beauty, catering to the Europe fashion design of naturalize, no decoration on the surface, and can paint any colors optionally with rich aesthetic feeling.


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Interior Wood Paneling Acoustic Panel, Wood Wool Acoustic Panel
Interior Wood Paneling Acoustic Panel, Wood Wool Acoustic Panel
Interior Wood Paneling Acoustic Panel, Wood Wool Acoustic Panel
Interior Wood Paneling Acoustic Panel, Wood Wool Acoustic Panel

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