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Buckhead PVC DeckBuckhead PVC decking system is best choice for any new or replacement deck. The cellular technology makes it extremely lightweight with a high impact strength surface and the ASA co-extrusion surface layer provides excellent weather resistance. When you choose Buckhead PVC decking,Website:http://www.pvcbuildingproducts.net, you get the natural beauty of wood combined with durability and low maintenance of PVC which will definitely guarantee that you have made a wise investment in your back yard project.Buckhead PVC Deck Features- no wood filler, not a wood composite product- advanced PVC cellular technology- co-extruded ASA surface layer for highest UV performance- natural wood-grain appearance- resists stains, scratching, mold, moisture, fire, and termites- no more warping, rotting or splintering- no pre-drilling needed for nails or screws- both flat and groove system available- 40-50% lighter than most alternatives, but much stronger and more durable- environmentally friendly, contains no harmful materialsBuckhead PVC Deck Available In Four StylesPVC Foam 140 Solid Decking (no clip groove)PVC Foam 140 Hollow Decking (with clip groove)ASA Co-extruded PVC 143 Hollow Decking (with screw cover)ASA Co-extruded PVC 140 Hollow Decking (with nail flange)


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