PVC Fascia Board

PVC Fascia & Barge BoardBuckhead PVC foam fascia and barge board system were the perfect replacement for traditional materials. The cellular structure of the board's core makes it extremely lightweight and tough, while the co-extruded UV resistance outer skin provides rigidity, durability and super quality maintenance-free finish.PVC Fascia & Barge System Features- lighter weight design was easy for transportation and installation;- co-extruded outer skin for highest UV performance and impact resistance;- no water absorption and slight expansion allowance;- use standard woodworking tools to cut, screw and nail;- maintenance free, moist and corrosion resistance, no need repainting;- protective film to avoid surface scratches and stains before installed;- 30 years factory warranty on aging resistance and color changing.PVC Fascia & Barge Technical Date Specification (W×T)225mm×8mmStandard WeightModel A: Fascia 1.36 kg/m, Barge 1.71 kg/mModel B: Fascia 1.20 kg/m, Barge 1.55 kg/mModel C: Fascia 0.90 kg/m, Barge 1.15 kg/mShore Hardness Test72 HDVicat Softening Point70 °CDimensional Shrinkagevertical +1.9% / horizontal +0.4%Water AbsorptionNilTensile Strength15MPaDensity0.55 g/cm3Complete System Parts NameSpecificationPackageFascia Board3.0m/4.0m/6.0m6 pcs/bundleBarge Board3.0m/4.0m/6.0m6 pcs/bundleFascia Connector70 g/pc200 pcs/cartonFascia End Cap (L/R)43 g/pc200 pcs/cartonBarge Connector88 g/pc200 pcs/cartonSUS316 Poly-top Nail40mm/50mm4000 pcs/box


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