Dark Red Durostone Sheets

Item : NS302-Dark Red DurostoneProduct DescriptionDurostone NS302-DR the is 5 color in this series, there are black ,blue, grey ,dark red and green.If customer have different item or products , then he can buy different durostone material for distinguish the item during the production .This item can withstand the temperature more than 300 degree (10~20seconds). And keep its mechanical strength, smoothness and original color when continuously used during the temperature of 280°c .Composite materials ( durostone) it is a very good material for Insulation test fixture, wave soldering, reflow soldering, SMT , oven tray, had tin furnace jigProduct Features-Low thermal conductivity-Durable usage life enable by high glass transition temperature-Excellent Machining properties enabling the manufacture of complex design solder pallets and fixtures-Good resistance to chemicals used in modern fluxes -Conform to RoHs and Environmental Health Safety requirementHow to choose the durostone material There are different grades durostone material for choosing,  it depend on your production requirement and your products ,the high grade material can be reuse more than 20000 times some are less,and the pricing are different too .please kindly check the "Technical Data" for choose reference or contact us for advice. Technical DataTest Item      NS-301NS-302NS-302NS-302NS-302 NS-306NS-503ColourBlackGreyDark redBlueGreenBlackBlackDensity( g/cm3 )1.81.851.851.851.851.90  2.00Flexural Strength @ 23 ℃ (MPa)360360360360360360360Flexural Strength @ 150 ℃ (MPa)180180180180180200260Flexural Strength @ 180 ℃  (MPa)110120120120120130150Modulus of Elasticity @ 23 ℃(MPa)18000180001800018000180001800018000Modulus of Elasticity @ 150 (MPa)800090009000900090001200014000Modulus of Elasticity @ 180 ℃(MPa)-----1000010000Water Absorption(%)  <0.20<0.20<0.20<0.20<0.20<0.20<0.20Coefficient of Linear Expansion(10-6/K) between 30 ℃ and 200 ℃     13121212121111ThermalConductivity(W/moK)0.570.570.570.570.570.570.53Maximum Operating Temperature (℃) 10-20 seconds280300300300300360360Standard operating temperature( ℃ )260280280280280300300Surface resistance(ohms)(Ω)105-109Chemical ResistancegoodGreatGreatGreatGreatExcellentExcellentStandard Sheet Size(mm)1160 x 1260Standard Thickness(mm)3,4,5,6,8,10,12Thickness tolerance(mm)-0/+0.10Flatness Tolerance(mm)-0/+0.15Parallelism(mm)0.1Cutting Services The standard sheet size is 1160x1260mm, sheets can be cut into the smaller size in our workshop before delivery and it's free of charge, It will easy for the shipment and save process before use. Just let us know the size what you want when you place order!  Free sample We provide sample (size 160x160 mm) for test or checking the quality … samples are free of charge, but should be send by customer's courier account and freight collect. 


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