Honeycomb For Filtering And Purification

Aluminum Honeycomb for diversion, purification, and filtration Honeycomb structures have the geometry of a honeycomb to allow the minimization of the amount of used material to reach minimal weight and minimal material cost. The geometry of honeycomb structures can vary widely but the common feature of all such structures is an array of hollow cells formed between thin vertical walls. A honeycomb shaped structure provides a material with minimal density and relative high out-of-plane compression properties and out-of-plane shear properties.Aluminum honeycomb is a lightweight core material offering excellent strength and good corrosion resistance for industrial applications at low cost. It is usually  made from 3003 or 5052 aluminum alloy foil.Features:      • High thermal conductivity      • Flame resistant      • Good moisture and corrosion resistance      • Fungi resistant      • Low weight/High StrengthMicro cellsize honeycomb produces highest surface-to-volume ratio. Dut to its sharp, clear cells and with no burr, it is widely used for air diversion, purification, and filtration in in air purifier, refrigerator, air-conditioning, warm air machine and respirator. Cellsize for the applications : 1/30",1/25",1/15",1/8",1/6",1/5"Cells contained per square inchCellsizeCells/ square inch1/30"9931/25"6901/15"2481/8"741/6"401/5"27


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