Steel Interior Wall Panel

1. Brief:Decorative wall panels is steel interior wall panel and steel exterior wall panel,substrate for cold rolled plate, hot dip galvanized substrate and electroplating zinc base plate.Coating types can be divided into polyester,silicone modified polyester,partial poly 2 vinyl fluoride and plastisol.color steel plate surface state can be divided into coating, embossing and printing plate, color steel plate is widely used in building electrical appliances and transportation industries, for the construction industry is mainly used in steel structure factory building, airports, warehouses and refrigeration industries, and the roof of commercial buildings such as walls and doors, less civil building is made of color steel plate.It is a very good decorative wall panels.2. IntroductionShanghai steel fashion industrial Co., Ltd is an comprehensive joint-stock enterprise,whose subordinate is Shanghai changjia caigang sandwich board Co., Ltd and Shanghai gongze steel structure Co., Ltd. We major in color steel platesteel structure productioninstallation and other services. Now steel fashion has the most advanced light steel structure&manufacturing production lines,with sandwich panel walls,compose metal board..etc3. Characteristic:3.1, fast installation sandwich color steel, the light weight composite board, the characteristics of the splicing type installation and can be arbitrarily cut, determine its installation is simple, can greatly improve the efficiency, save time limit for a project.3.2, sandwich color steel plate light weight, less than 14kg/ sqm can reduce the structure load fully, reduce the cost of the structure.3.3, durable, many studies have shown that and 40 years of widely used abroad has proved that sandwich choi steel treated by special coating in 10 ~ 15 years, every 10 years after spraying anti-corrosion coatings, life can be more than 35 years.3.4, have fire prevention performance, color composite sandwich plate with noncombustible material qualitative material and thermal insulation material, can fully meet the requirements of the code for fire protection.3.5, good appearance, clear lines of steel sheet can be as many as dozens of color, and any style building with the needs, to achieve a satisfactory effect.3.6, thermal insulation, the composite board insulation materials commonly used are: polystyrene, rock wool, glass fiber cotton, polyurethane, etc., these material coefficient of thermal conductivity is low.Which is widely used in modern building decoration. Steelfashion Industrial is one of the leading and professional steel interior wall panel manufacturers and suppliers in China. Our company enjoys strong reputation both in home and abroad for its high quality and duarable products. Now, we have steel interior wall panel for sale, please seize the opportunity to get some with our factory.


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