U71mn 60kg Heavy Steel Rail

U71mn 60kg heavy steel railProduct introductionHeavy rail is the rail with nominal weight more than or equal to 30kg per meter. It mainly refers to 60kg/m~75kg/m steel rail (include turnout) in China. Heavy rail needs to bear the pressure of running locomotive, impact load and friction force, therefore, it requires enough strength, hardness and toughness. In order to meet the needs of overloading and high speed of railroad, it should not only increase the unit weight of heavy rail, but also improve the comprehensive performance. And higher toughness, wear resistance, crushing resistance and brittle fracture resistance are required, too. Production process demands strict quality requirements, in addition to guarantee its chemical composition, also requires testing mechanical properties, drop test and acid corrosion at low inspection organization, etc.Main applicationsIt is a major part of railway track. Its function is to guide the wheels of the rolling stock forward, under great pressure of the wheels, and transmitted to the sleeper. Rail must provide continuous, smooth rolling surface and the path of least resistance for the wheels. Electrified Railway or automatic block section, but also cater to the rail track with circuits.Product specificationsType: 60kg light railSize (mm)Rail height: 176Bottom width: 150Head width: 73Waist thickness: 16.5Material: 45Mn/50Mn/U71MnTheoretical weight kg/m: 60.64


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