Galvanised Sheet

Surfact treatment:Surface treatmentMarkChromiumCPhosphorPNothingMOilONon-OilXSpangleZero,Website:,Small,BigComposition contentGradeChemical composition,%≤CSiMnPSTiDX51D+Z0.120.500.600.1000.0450.30DX52D+Z0.120.500.600.1000.0450.30DX53D+Z0.120.500.600.1000.0450.30DX54D+Z0.120.500.600.1000.0450.30DX56D+Z0.120.500.600.1000.0450.30DX57D+Z0.120.500.600.1000.0450.30Physical propertiesGradeYield strengthTensile strengthTensile rateReL/MpaRm/MpaA80mm/%DX51D+Z270~500≥22DX52D+Z140~300270~420≥26DX53D+Z140~260270~380≥30DX54D+Z120~220260~350≥36DX56D+Z120~280260~350≥39DX57D+Z120~170260~350≥41GI1.Hot-dip galvanized steel. The steel sheet was immersed in molten zinc bath to the surface adhesion layer of zinc sheet steel.At present, continuous galvanizing production process, that is continuously rolled steel sheet was immersed in a molten zinc plating bathmade of galvanized steel;2.Alloyed galvanized steel. This plate is manufactured by hot dipping, but after the tank, immediately put it heated to about 500 ℃,it generates zinc and iron alloy coating. This galvanized sheet with good paint adhesion and weldability;3.Electro-galvanized steel sheet. This manufacturing a galvanized steel sheet having excellent workability by plating.But the coating is thin, the corrosion resistance is better hot dipping galvanized sheet;4.Single-sided and double-sided coated galvanized steel difference. Sided galvanized steel, that is only one side of galvanized products.In welding, painting, anti-rust treatment, processing, better than double-sided galvanized sheet flexibility.In order to overcome the disadvantage of one side of the zinc coating, there is a kind of galvanized sheet,which is coated with a thin layer of zinc on the other side;5.Alloy, composite galvanized steel. It is steel with zinc and other metals such as lead, zinc alloy and even made into a composite plating.This plate has both superior rust resistance, and good coating performance.


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