Coloring Sheets

Painting typeItemCodePolyesterPEHigh-durability polyesterHDPSilicon modified polyestersSMPPolyvinylidene fluoridePVDFZinc thickness sideZ40-Z275Painting ThicknessTop side: 15-25micronsBottom side: 5~10micronsColor SystemRAL codeSize0.14-2.0mm*600-1250mm.Base metalCold rolled steel,Website:,Hot dip galvanized steel,Galvanum steel(CRC,HDG,GL)Type of CoatingCodeCounterblst(J)Neutral Salt Spray Test(h)Accelerated ageing test of UV lamp(h)LowAMediumBHighCUVA-340UVA-313PolyesterPE≥6≥9≥12≥500≥600≥400Silicone-modified PolyesterSMP≥6≥9≥12≥750≥720≥480Green Polyester AppliancesJD≥6≥9≥12≥250≥480High Durability PolyesterHDP≥6≥9≥12≥750≥960≥600Polyvinylidene FluoridePVDF≥6≥9≥12≥1000≥1800≥1000


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