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PPGI1.According to the use of substrate classification; usually used for organic coated steel plate substrates are: cold-rolled plate,Website:,hot galvanized sheet, galvanized sheet, alloy plate, galvanized sheet, galvanized alloy plate, tin plate, chrome plate, aluminum plate, etc..2.By coating methods, there are roller coating, spray coating, powder method, laminating, printing, etc. The resulting organic coated steel.3 classification by type of paint; usually press for the production of organic coatings classification of coatings, PVC coated steel,polyester coating plate, acrylic plate coating, fluorocarbon coating steel plate, silicone polyester coating steel plate.4.By coating performance category; according to the performance characteristics of an organic coating points,high weathering coated sheet, high temperature coating plate, self-extinguishing coating plate, sterilization coated plates,non-stick coating snow board, fingerprint resistant coating board and self-lubricating coating panels.5.According to the special paints and use classification; such as epoxy zinc-rich paint, cold-rolled steel sheet is an organic coated steelsubstrate surface coated steel sheet and a special coating machine clad sheet, such as Tamerlane diaphragm, sandwich plate, shockproof board.6.By coating different times,there is a painted a bake ,tow painted tow bake,three painted three bake,four painted four bakefour different coating processes obtained organic coated steel.7.According to the flower or the printing process can be divided into wood board,marble,a leather,cement mortar lines coated steel plate.ItemTest MethodTest Resultcross cut test100/100 taping testgoodPencil hardness test45°,one hour and overgoodBending test180°*3TgoodImpact test500g*12,7mp*500mhgoodSalt water spray test5% Nacl,35°500hours,goodResistance to chemical5%H2SO4*5 hours5%Naoh*5hoursGoodgoodAccelerated weathering testWather-o-meter750 hoursgoodFilm cardness testM.E.K Rubbing40timesgoodPainting structureTop surfaceBottom surfaceMarkPrimer coating + Finish coatingNo coating2/0Primer coating + Finish coatingPrimer coating or single back coating2/1Primer coating + Finish coatingPrimer coating + Finish coating2/2Primer coating + Finish coatingPrimer coating + Finish coating3/3Size:0.2-2.5mm*600-1500*CWe can cut the coil into sheet and packaged by iron material.Zinc80-275.Thickness of coating:25/10umFor primer coating,epoxy resin is a good choice.But if flexibility or UV-resistant has to be considered,polyurethane primer coating will be better.For back coating,please choose 2/2(two coating and 2 baking)process structure.there will be one layer primer coating and one layer finished coating.If for sandwich panel,an excellent corrosion resistance of epoxy resin material will be added on the back of steel.At present there are still many features of painted steel, painted as anti-bacterial, anti-static painted, painted insulation, self-cleaning pre-painted and so on.Please choose the suitable one with your need.


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