SS77 Crystal Shining Blue

Thinking Industries Corporation Limited is one of the leading China ss77 crystal shining blue manufacturers, welcome to wholesale cheap ss77 crystal shining blue from our factory and check ss77 crystal shining blue price with us.SS77 Crystal Shining BlueSummerly Quartz Stone,after the company nearly 10 years experience in Artificial Stones production and acccumulation of research and development, investing heavily into china's leading quartz stone manufacturing base,give 10 years of experience in power and the development of quartz stone, led a comprehensive taste of modern decoration trend, high-end high exciting mix of global product quality,environmental performance of stone products bring new high-tech feel.Technical Standard Serial numberDETECTION ProjectSummerly Quartz Stone1Fracture modulus(dry)45.6Mpa2Fracture modulus(wet)45.8Mpa3Naiyaqiangduo(dry)171.0 Mpa4Naiyaqiangduo(dry)222.0 Mpa5Water absorption0.02%6Volume density2.36g/cm³7Mo’s hardness7class8Degree of wear≤70mm³9Impact strength1kg heavy solid steel ball 30 cm from th height of quartz rock falls,quartz stone surface does not crack.10Surface qualityNon-repudiationside,angle intact,no surface is greater than 2millimeters in diameter for the obvious holes, no scratches ,no cracks,no bonding,no batches of the same color.Counter top MachiningProduct DisplayProduction Line


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