Super Stainless Steel Pipe

Super Stainless Steel PipeSuper stainless steel pipe has an outstanding corrosion resistance in reducing environments, good resistance to oxidizing media. Super stainless steel pipes are widely used in chemical processing, pulp and paper industry, acetic acid production. Sheye Metal is specializing in super stainless steel seamless and welded pipe production. The grades we manufacture includes 904L, S31254,  N08367, N08926, N04400, N05500, N06600, N06601, N06025, N06617, N06625, N06690, N08810, N10276, N06022, N10665, N10675,  N08020,  N08028, N08031, N06985, N06030, N06035, N07750. Super stainless steel pipes are inventoried in 6.0 to 830mm, and wall thickness in 0.5mm to 50mm.Specification of Super Stainless Steel Pipe Size OD: 6.0 ~ 830mm; WT: 0.5 ~ 50mm; Length: 6m, 12m, Max.18mProcess Seamless, WeldedGrade 904L,  S31254,  N08367,  N08926,  N04400,  N05500,  N06600,  N06601,  N06025,  N06617,  N06625,  N06690,  N08810,  N10276,  N06022,  N10665,  N10675,  N08020,  N08028,  N08031,  N06985,  N06030,  N06035,  N07750Standard ASTM A213/213M(ASME SA213/SA213M),  ASTM A312/312M(ASME SA312/SA312M),  ASTM A789/789M(ASME SA789/SA789M),  ASTM A790/790M(ASME SA790/SA790M),  ASTM B163(ASME SB163),  ASTM B423(ASME SB423),  ASTM B407(ASME SB407),  ASTM B668(ASME SB668)Surface Aid Pickling, Polishing(180#, 220#, 240#, 320#, 400#, 600#)Theoretical Weight(kg/m) Weight/meter = (OD-WT)*WT*0.02589    Both OD and WT in mm.Note: OD is the specified outside diameter.WT is the specified wall thicknessStainless steel pipes shall be pickled free of scale. When bright annealing is used, pickling is not necessary.Grade UNS W.Nr Production Standard(ASTM/ASME) Seamless Pipe Welded Tube 904LN089041.4539B677/SB677B673/SB673254SMoS312541.4547A312/SA312A312/SA312AL-6XNN08367Equal1.4529B675B676Alloy 926N089261.4529A312/SA312A312/SA312Alloy 20N080202.4660B729/SB729B464&SB474Monel400N044002.4360  MonelK500N055002.4375  Inconel600N066002.4816B167/SB167B516/SB516Inconel 625N066252.4858B444/SB444B444/SB444Alloy 31N080311.4562  Alloy 59N060592.4605B622/SB622B619/SB619Hastelloy C276N102762.4819B622/SB622B619/SB619Hastelloy C22N060222.4602B622/SB622B619/SB619Hastelloy B3N10675 B622/SB622B619/SB619Alloy 330N083301.4864B535/SB535B535/SB535Alloy 333N063332.4608  Alloy 800N088001.4876B407/SB407B514/SB514Alloy 800HN088101.4958B407/SB407B514/SB514Inconel601N066012.4851B617/SB617Tolerances in Wall Thickness(ASTM A213) of Super Stainless Steel PipeTolerances in Wall Thickness A Outside Diameter mm 2.4mm and Under Over 2.4mm to 3.8mm, incl. Over 3.8mm to 4.6mm, incl. Over 4.6mm  Over Under Over Under Over Under Over Under Seamless, Hot-Finished Pipes 100mm and Under 400350330280Over 100mm ……350330280Seamless, Cold-Finished Pipes  Over Under  38.1mm and Under 200 Over 38.1mm 220 Welded Pipes All Sizes 180Tolerances in Outside Diameter (ASTM A213) of Super Stainless Steel PipeSpecified Outside Diameter, mm Tolerances, mm  Over Under Hot-Finished Seamless Pipes 100 or Under 0.40.8Over 100 to 200. Incl. 0.41.2Over 200 to 225, incl. 0.41.6Welded Pipes and Cold-Finished Seamless Pipes Under 25 0.10.1125 to 40, incl. 0.150.15Over 40 to 50, excl. 0.20.250 to 65, excl. 0.250.2565 to 75, excl. 0.30.375 to 100, incl. 0.380.38Over 100 to 200, incl. 0.380.64Over 200 to 225, incl. 0.381.14Tolerances in Length (ASTM A213) of Super Stainless Steel PipeMethod of Manufacture Specified Outside Diameter, mm Cut Length, mm   Over Under Seamless, hot-finished All sizes 50Seamless, cold-finished Under 50.8 30Welded 50.8 or Over 50 Under 50.8 30 50.8 or Over 50Reference Projects Regarding Super Stainless Steel Seamless Pipe & FittingClients Specifications Nanjing Yingtean Special Steel Co.Incoloy 800 Seamless Pipe: 114*6mmShanghai Jiaotog University Special Alloy Materials PlantInconel 600 Seamless Pipe: 169*7.5mm, 168.3*7.1mm, 146*8.3*3900mm, 146*8.3*2400mm, 76*5mm, 165*15mm; Inconel 601 Seamless Pipe: 27*3mm; Incoloy 800 Seamless Pipe: 32*4.5mm; Incoloy 825 Seamless Pipe: 25*2mm, 168*7mm, 219*12mm 254SMo(S31254) Seamless Pipe: 25*1.7*8000mmSINOPEC Shanghai Gaoqiao CompanyMonel 400: 273*9.5mmSinpo Chemistry (Taixing) Co.,Ltd.904L Stainless Steel Seamless  Pipe: 406.4*12.7mm, 355.6*12.7mm, 168.3*7.11mm, 114.3*6.02mm, 60.3*3.91mm, 33.4*3.38mmGuodian Zhejiang Beilun First Power Generation Co.,Ltd.904L Stainless Steel Seamless Pipe: 50*6mmBeijing Changxing Kaida Composite Material Science and Technology Development CO.,LTDS31254 Stainless Steel Seamless Pipe: 323.8*9.53mm,  273*9.27mm, 88.9*5.49mm, 60.3*3.91mm, 33.4*3.38mmShengzhen New Oriental Industrial Development Co.,Ltd.Monel 400 Pipe: 6.35*2.1mmChangzhou Wujin Power Pipe Fittings Co.,Ltd.Monel 400 Pipe: 219*9mmFluor (China) Engineering & Construction Co.,Ltd.Incoloy 800H Pipe: 26.9*3.91mm, 60*4mm, 88.9*5.49mm, 323.9*12.7mm, 406.4*15.87mmNFFIncoloy 800H Pipe: 114*6mm, 168*7mm 219*8mm, 273*9.5mm, 325*10mm, 325*13mmJiangnan Boilers & Pressure Vessels Co.,Ltd.N06625 Seamless Pipe:  146*23mm, 48.3*11mm, 48.3*9mmShanghai Hilong Anti-corrosion Technology Engineering Co.,LtdN08825 Welded Stainless Steel Pipe: 193.9*3mm, 561.6*3mmHailu Heavy IndustryN08825 Seamless Stainless Steel Pipe: 42*5mm, 60*5.5mmPacking Information of Super Stainless Steel Pipe Super stainless steel pipes from Sheye Metal are packed according to the customer’s requirement. To avoid any damage which might be caused during international transportation, we provide some optional packaging methods, including woven bags, plywood cases, and wooden boxes.If you are going to buy high quality super stainless steel pipe in stock, please feel free to contact Sheye Metal, which is one of the well-known manufacturers and suppliers of good super stainless steel pipe.


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