Sound Dampening Panels

Shenzhen Vinco Soundproofing Materials Co.,Ltd is one of the best sound dampening panels manufacturers and suppliers in China,Website:, welcome to wholesale our customized sound dampening panels made in UK, and also welcome to check the price with us.Damping sound insulation boardProduct introductionThis product is featured in composite ceramic 100% , do not contain harmful substances, no radioactive class A product. Energy-saving and land-saving wall GB6566-2001 standard, can be recycled, sound insulation. name:Damping sound insulation boardMaterial:Gypsum board and soundproofing materials compoundSize:2440mm*1220mm*14/16/18mm,thickness (from 5-30mm) depends on your demandShape:sheetFireproof:A gradecolorWhite ,yellow  or customizedpackageBagsEnvironmentalE1 gradedensity17kg/m3 or customizedFunction1 consistent effect: acoustic contact wallboard, in addition to the vertical direction of forced vibration for the wallboard , there is also forced bending vibration along the direction of the plate.2 Sound insulation board fire: Due to its high melting point, nonflammable, using superfine glass wool, fully meets the requirements of environmental protection and the code for fire protection, up to A level such as fire prevention.3 Good performance:Thin thickness can reach very high sound insulation effect, much less area, improve the room area usage. Compared with other sound insulation methods, the use of sound insulation board make the lowest cost of the whole sound insulation engineering cost.Principle1 high strength and high impactBecause of the sound insulation board for two layer or multilayer composite plate structure, greatly improving the strength. Can be directly on nailing or expansion screws to hang heavy things, such as air conditioning, LCD , etc.2 Sound insulation board economy: Prefabricated construction, improve the work efficiency, shorten the construction time, construction costs and labor can be saved.Pay attention to 1 The installation process and the temperature of the basement membrane layer shall not be lower than at room temperature. Materials without heating installation.2 Use scissors, knives, or die cutting carefully.3 You should pay attention to the interference of air conditioning pipes and exhaust pipes in particular, to handle pipe installation parts of a solid strength, consider the tightness of contact area at the same time


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