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Shenzhen Vinco Soundproofing Materials Co.,Ltd is one of the best sliding folding partitions manufacturers and suppliers in China,Website:, welcome to wholesale our customized sliding folding partitions made in UK, and also welcome to check the price with us.folding type office partition Product Overview:The folding type office partitions also called the activity partition wall,partitions,activity panels,activity screens,movable screen,and movable sound insulation wall.It can be industrial production, easy to install, and reusable, with the soundproof ,fire prevention, environmental protection and other features.Detail Information:NameOperable type office partitionBasic MaterialMDF,aluminum,acoustic materialFinishFabric(can be made as your demand) )Thickness80mmCoefficient46dbWidth800-1200mm(can be customized within the limited)Height2000-4500mm(can be customized)FireproofClass AEnvironmentalE1PackingUse the carton or wooden palletThe high and thickness,wide ,also the finish can be customized as your demand within the limitedThe product Classification:Folding Assembled type:The activity can be installed and packed according to your use. it is assembled from lightweight partition board which the high same as the room ceiling or only the part of the room high. the thick is 6 to 12 cm and wide is 60 to 120 cm, the frame made of wood or thin-walled metal profiles , double-sided stickers is plywood, fiberboard or gypsum board.Push type:This type of partition can be pushed along the track .it Composed by the several sliding partition board which the width is generally 60 to 120 cm.,Height can be made as required.Folding type:This folding type of activity partition composed by partition board.there are wide and narrow types.the board of wide type is same as the board of push type.each the upper board using a set change direction pulley mounted on a rail, with a hinge connecting the sash, it can folding up and pushed into the storage compartment when you don’t need it.Hanging Type:Hang The partition board in the upper space of the room ,it can be raise and fall adjust the by motor and can move around. The space can be Fully enclosed , also be partially separated. This partition used for covert exhibition hall, auditorium and multipurpose hall and other buildings,  also for recording the Office to adjust the volume, and for the theater proscenium as a fire curtain.


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