Sliding Partition Panels

Product introductionIt is a kind of product that can separate room space into several parts with soudproofing function and fireproof function.Name:Room dividerMaterial:MDF,Website:,fiberglass,aluminum Acoustiwidth:800-1200mmor can be customizedhigh:2500-16000mm, can be customizedFireproof:YescolorColorful  or can be customizedSound-absorbing coefficient30-60dbAdvantage1.Effective fire prevention: choose effective fire prevention materials,well fire prevention performance, fire rating can achieve to A level2. A variety of styles: partition door plank can make into three-ply board, fire prevention board, wallpaper and soft bag, the adornment such as cloth surface, with the consent of the indoor decoration division, the whole effect is beautiful and generous.3. Save space: when you receive plate, diaphragm can be hidden, save space and easy collection.Features1. It can be dismantled and restructuring, and it is more economical and practical to repeated using it . If you move or change address, you still need not worry about the problem of decorate again, it can solve decorate trouble for you.2. Collection and usage are very convenient, application need not spend a lot of effort, one person's hands can grasp the door gently, along the ceiling aluminum alloy rail passes to the specified location. You can quickly change the size of the space with little time, when you don't need it ,you just need to push it into the prepared plate inside, place it together, tidy and beautiful, it does not affect the whole beauty of sensory room.ApplicationTake advantage of the  furniture, and put one side by the window which will naturally divided the room into interior space of bedroom, study room, TV room, and other functional little space, there are points between them, because, the space is flowing, so the indoor space on the feeling did not feel narrowed, on the contrary, it increased the associative effect of adjacent space.


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