Soundproof Drywall

Shenzhen Vinco Soundproofing Materials Co.,Ltd is one of the best soundproof drywall manufacturers and suppliers in China,Website:, welcome to wholesale our customized soundproof drywall made in UK, and also welcome to check the price with us.NAMElengthwidthhighthickness14mmSound insulation panel1220 mm2440 mm14 mm16mm   Sound insulation panel1220 mm2440 mm16 mm18mm   Sound insulation panel1220 mm2440 mm18 mm20mm   Sound insulation panel1220 mm2440 mm20 mmSound insulation performance characteristics:1. high volumehigh average sound insulation quantity , can satisfy the demands of any place sound insulation, the effect is far above the partition wall system like gypsum board, brick wall sound insulation.2. small area , low costIt can reach very high sound insulation effect with very low thickness,which decrease much area, improve the room area usage. Compared with other sound insulation methods, the use of sound insulation board make the lowest cost of the whole sound insulation engineering cost.3. simple construction, easy to installSound insulation board partition wall, the construction system of condole carries is the same as ordinary gypsum board installation. Its'size can be adjusted arbitrarily cut, insulation system that is composed of sound insulation board makes it simple renovation, renovation, repair engineering due to the reasons, such as simple structure, less material.4. high strength, high impact propertiesThe composite plate structure of the sound insulation board with two layer or multilayer greatly improved its various mechanical properties. It can be directly  hang heavy things, such as air conditioning, LCD TV and others on nailing or expansion screws.5. environmental protection and fire preventionSound insulation board take advantage of viscoelastic composite material, the special plate layer structure, makes the product of fire prevention performance increased greatly.Sound insulation scope of application:1, high-end hotel (five-star hotel, business hotel, etc.)2, high-end residential, villa, the villa, high-end apartments, etc.)3, commercial buildings, high-end office buildings, office buildings, etc.)4, entertainment places, theater, KTV, KTV rooms, bars, etc.)5, professional recording studio, TV station, piano room, school, hospital, office, conference room, library, etc.


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