O&K excavators and loaders bucket teeth

 1.O&K bucket teeth is engineered for maximum strength and
   impact absorption.
 2.Hammerless design promotes workplace safety.
 3.Multi-planed surfaces specifically engineered to withstand
   all loads and impacts.
 4.Installs and removes quickly with a ordinary socket wrench.
 5.Symmetrical design allows for teeth to be flipped when needed
   and pin access from either side.
 6.O&K bucket teeth with helical feature cleans packed dirt
   and unifies the unlocking and removal motion.
7.Easier to use
     Pin with teeth sharp integration
     Reduces the quantity of spare parts inventory
     Do not use the wrong pin model
     The pins of 1900 are not lost in the scene

Besides O&K bucket teeth, We can also provide other brand excavator bucket teeth suck as ESCO, HENSLEY, MTG, CAT, CASE, John Deere, HITACHI, JCB, KOMATSU, LIEBHERR, VOLVO, KOBELCO, Caterpillar, Doosan, Hyundai, DAEWOO, TAKEUCHI, SAMSUNG, KUBOTA, KAWASAKI, KATO and so on.

The bucket teeth we offer are appliable for the following O&K excavators and loaders:

1500  1700  1700Z  1900  1900C  1900Z  2000  2500  3000  3500  3500Z  4000  4500Z  5500  7500  L10  L10B  L12  L15  L1500  L15B  L15I  L15PZ  L20  L2000  L20B  L20I  L20PZ  L25  L2500  L25B  L30  L3000  L35  L35B  L4  L45  L4500  L45C  L4B  L5  L55  L5500  L5B  L6B  L7  L8  L8B  L9  MH CITY  MH CITY2000  MH PLUS  MH2.5C  MH2.8C  MH2.8D  MH3  MH4  MH4 PLUS  MH4 PMS  MH4CS  MH5  MH5 COMPAC  MH5 PMS  MH6  MH6 HD  MH6 PMS  RH CITY  RH CITY LC  RH CITY N  RH PLUS  RH1.15  RH1.20  RH1.30  RH1.45  RH11  RH12  RH12V LC  RH16 PMS  RH16V LC  RH18  RH2.8C  RH20  RH20  RH20 HD  RH20 PMS  RH20V LC  RH25 LC  RH25 PMS  RH30  RH30  RH30C  RH30C  RH30D  RH30D  RH30E  RH4  RH40C  RH40C  RH40D  RH40D  RH4CS  RH5  RH5 LC  RH5 PMS  RH6  RH6 LC  RH6 PMS  RH6-20 LC  RH6-20 N  RH6-22  RH6-22 LC  RH75C  RH75C  RH8  RH8 LC  RH8 PMS  RH9  RH9 LC 


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