Used heavy machine Crawler Excavator CAT 330C in shanghai

Used Crawler Excavator CAT 330C in shanghai China for sale, construction machines in good condition, ready to work and good price.

Condition: Used 

Brand name: CAT

Model number: 330C

Place of origin: United States

Year: 2008

Color: yellow

Maximum Digging Depth: 7380mm

Max Digging Radius: 11000mm



We sell used Excavators in shanghai china, we have the excavators in good condition and proper price, the brands as following:

HITACHI: EX100, EX100WD, EX120, EX200, EX200LC, EX220, EX300, EX350, EX450, ZX70, ZX120, ZX150, ZX220, ZX270, ZX450

CATERPILLAR: 200, 235, 305, 307, 312, 320, 330, 324, 325, 345 (From Model B to Model D)

KOMATSU: PC50, PC60, PC100, PC120, PC130, PC200, PC210, PC220, PC300, 

PC350, PC400, PC450

KOBELCO: SK100, SK120, SK200, SK350

DAEWOO: DH55, 60, 130, 150, 220, 225, 300 

SUMITOMO: 120, 280F2, 200A1, 200A2, 200A3, 200C1, 200C2, 200C3

HYUNDAI: 130w, 150w, 200, 210, 220, 225, 290, 305

VOLVO: EC210, 220, 300


至: 上海理善机械设备有限公司
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