10 ton single girder gantry crane

Single girder box gantry crane 

Used together with CD MD model electric hoist.

Lifting capacity is 5 to 20 ton.

Span is 12 to 30 meters

Working temperature is -20°C to + 40°C.

Appication: used at open or room ground and warehouses, yards etc.

Control: ground controlling and room controlling.

Single girder truss gantry crane

The best light crane

Application: used both in multi-wind area and workshop for inside and outside.

Composed of metal structure, cart operating mechanism, electric device and trolley (electric hoist).

Control model: ground-controlling and remote-controlling.

Single girder semi gantry crane 

Lifting capacity: 2 to 10 tons

Span: 10~20m

Application: it could be used in outdoor or indoor warehouse for loading and unloading.

Features: saving the investment and space, reasonable structure, favorable performance, easy installation, reliable traveling etc.

L type single girder electric trolley gantry crane

Track traveling mid-light type crane,

Loading capacity is from 5 to 32t

Span is from 12 to 30m, and the 

Working temperature within -25 to 40°C.

Features: compact in frame, light in weight, steady in performance and facilitated in operation. 


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