C purlin machine 4

C purlin machine

Fast changeable C purlin machine assembled in C steel welding stress, if the restraint weldment smaller degree, such as thickness thinner or in a free unrestrained state, then the weldment will produce a corresponding change in the size or shortened or bent or
warping. It consists predominantly of passive loading rack, leveling device, punching device, forming intercept device, hydraulic station, computer control systems. This machine adopts automatic flying saw punching, easy to manipulate and so on. C steel C-shaped steel machine is a product, not the channel is thin as 0.35 mm thick steel plate pressed into use as purlins steel plant. The Fast changeable C purlin machine rapidly changing residual stress in the weld zone can reach the peak value of the yield strength of material, if a large degree of restraint weldments, such as a large thickness, 
shape or because of artificially imposed complex jig is strong bound state, then the weldment is not freely deformed, but Fast changeable C purlin machine in the welding will produce localized stress strain, while generating large residual stresses.


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