Natural Formaldehyde-free Eco-board

  Ecological board , also known as melamine stick board, the full name is melamine impregnated paper veneer plywood .It puts the paper with different colors or textures into the eco-board soaked by the resin adhesive , then dried to a certain curing degree, paved on the surface of particleboard , moisture-proof board , medium density fiberboard , plywood , block board , or other hardboard , decorative panels formed by hot pressing .In the production process , generally it was combined with several layers of paper , the amount was determined according to the purpose . Generally it was made of surface paper, decorative paper, cover paper and the underlying paper.   Ecological board make the furniture look strong , waterproof, compressive, abrasion resistance, scratch resistance, acid and alkali resistance, hot resistance, pollution resistance,the surface is brightly colored and the price is affordable . It was mainly used in furniture manufacturing and housing decoration.


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