Microwave sensor

Microwave sensor(Bea eagle six type) is a popular microwave sensor for automatic door.

Microwave sensor

Frequency: 24. 125Ghz

Supply voltage: 13-24 VDC

Lauch power:<20dBm EIRP

Assemble an altitude maximal: 3m

Assemble a dip angle: 25. 30. 35. 40

The maximum checks range( while assembling 2.2 meters of altitude): 4m*2m*(W*H)

Checking pattern: Move

The minumum checks speed: 5cm/s

Power source voltate:12v-24v+/-10%;12v-30v DC

Power source frequency:<2W(VA)

The relay outputs (there be no iitial electric potential)

Maximal contact electric current: 1 A (electric resistance)

Maximal contact voltage: 42v AC-60VDC

The maximum change power:30W(DC)/60VA(AC)

Output retention time:0.5 second

Temperature range:-20 to+50

Protection rate:IP52

Outer covering material:ABS plastic

Outer covering color: Black, Silver gary

External form dimension:121mm*89mm*52mm(W*H*D)


Conducting wire length:2.5m


至: 龙游多泰自动门有限公司
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