automatic revolving door manufacture China

Standard configuration of automatic revolving door manufacture China

1) Glass: door leaf and exhibition box are 8/10 mm transparent toughened glasses, curved wall is 5+5mm arc safety laminated glass.

2) Combination operation panel: functional Combination operation panel facilitate function setting.

3) Central control computer: PLC programmable logic control system.

4) Revolving pattern: the variable-frequency speed adjustment system, startup, revolving, and stop smoothly and safely.

5) Sensor: infrared motion sensors

6) Prevent clamp sensor: located at the upright column at entrance right

7) Avoid to knock at the door leaf: installed rubber clamp defend sensor at the bottom of the leaf (optional)

8) Emergency stop button: installed on the upright column at entrance right

9) Disabled button: use for disabled people pass slowly.

10)Motor lock: used when door is out of service.

12) 6~9 pieces laser ceiling lamp

Door body features of automatic revolving door manufacture China

**The frame is aluminum alloy,high intensity,and good degree of finish. Various materials and colorful outer ornament can be chosen: such as hairline stainless steel Mirror plate stainless steel, fluorocarbon coating aluminum, anodizing, copper decoration(router deep processing)
**Glass can choose laminated glass,hot bending glass and so on
**Ceiling is composed of radial wedge plate,keep in good accord with door's material and color
**Canopy is done dust treatment,via plywood of metal, do seal via treatment at out door
**Energy saving,low noise, steady long lifespan
**Digital programmed control system,convenient to operate
**Has anti-bump ,anti-anticollision,anti-pinch and so on safety detecting function
**Disable slow speed function
**Emergency stop function
**Automatically upgrade and adjust door speed function
**Automatically stop function
**Has automatic conversion of fire blackout function

Operation system of automatic revolving door manufacture China

Control part adopts advanced microcomputer digital serve control, transmission part is imported from german to assure the door has low noise , steady and so on features.
**Normal work: the revolving door work incessantly at 2-3 circles/min
**High speed: when person or other things pass through the door,,it will increase the speed at the beginning,at 4-6 circles /min speed
**Slow speed: when old man,children or disabled person pass through the door ,press the slow speed
**Button,it will keep the slow speed one circle,then automatically return to the normal speed.
**Induction door state:choose the induction door state according to climate's change and the flow of people,it not only increase the plow if people,also save time and power.
**Blackout and fire state:when the door receive fire or blackout signal,the door leaf and induction door will go to open state at the same time,set the door at this state at night or when the door stop working.

Safety system of automatic revolving door manufacture China

**Anti-bump sensor:installed in the foreside of each show box's top,after detecting the person,the door will stop immediately to prevent the door from bumping the person,it will return to normal when the person went away.
**Anti-clip induction glue strip:install the column of the show box and the right column of the door's entrance,when meet object pressed,the door will stop revolving at once to prevent hurting person
**Anti-collision sensor:installed inside of door,when the object was detected by infrared ray,the door will low speed and stop operating.
**Anti-collision sensor: install foreside of each show box, when the infrared ray detect person,the revolving door automatically stops to collision of the person.


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