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Dalian New Sunlight Building Material Co.,Ltd is one of the leading China flash cover roof tiles manufacturers and suppliers,Website:http://www.newsunlightrooftile.com, and we are also a professional company and factory, welcome to buy low price side flashing, wall flash, wall plate, roof panels, roofing panel and wholesale cheap products from us.FLASH COVER Side Flashing Wall Flash Roofing PanelsAll NEW SUNLIGHT Accessories are non-combustible, prevent insect and snow infiltration, easy to install and while providing the durability and longevity of stone coated steel roof system.The roof of a residential home serves one major purpose, and that is to be a barrier against the weather outside. The most difficult weather element to control is water, and roof flashing acts as the last line of defense against water leakage. For roof flashing to be effective, it must be durable, low-maintenance, weather resistant, and also accommodate movement. Movement must be accommodated because of the constant expansion and contraction between roofing materials and things that are not roofing materials. This expansion and contraction can happen on a daily and/or seasonal basis. For example, sunlight can create very high surface temperatures during the day, causing the roof materials to expand, but at night the temperature drops and the materials contract. Seasonal changes can affect the framing lumber, and the flashing materials must be able to withstand all these changes and remain leak-proof.The stresses that roof flashing experiences over time can make it more prone to failure when extreme weather occurs, such as heavy snow, high winds, or excessive heat. During installation, care must be taken to preserve the flashing materials. Professional roofers typically cut and shape their own flashing materials from sheet metal, but they are also available pre-formed. Color choice Flash Cover Roof Tiles Side Flashing Wall Flash Roofing PanelsUsually, same with the roof tile color for wholeness.*Standard color(Colors will shown vary on screen from actual product. Please refer to an actual product sample before ordering.)*Customer individual solutionPlease provide the product color sample before ordering.


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