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Description of toilet containerThe 40ft prefabricated container house can be used for 40ft mobile toilet containerTechnical Parameter of container house(1).Size: 40hq of shipping container(2).Wind Resistance: 210km/h(3).Wall permitted loading: 0.6KN/ m2(4).Ceiling Permitted live loading: 0.5 KN/m2(5).Wall Coefficient of thermal conductivity: K=0.442W/mk(6).Ceiling Coefficient of thermal conductivity: K=0.55W/ m2KCharacters of container house:(1). Good ability to assemble and disassemble for several times without damage.(2). Could be lifted,Website:, fixed and combined freely.(3). Heatproof and waterproof.(4). Cost saving and convenient transportation (Each 4 container house can loaded in one standard container)(5) Service life can reach up to 25 years(6) We can provide the service of installation, supervision and training by extra.Dimensions and Weight of container house(1).Inner length /external length :11.5m/11.7m   (2).Inner width /external width: 2.188m/2.438m(3).Inner height/external height:2,610m/2.791m(4).Weight: 3600kg per unitSteel framework of container house(1).Material: steel material Q345, thickness: 3mm,for top beam frame. Base beam frame and column.(2).Surface working: epoxy painting,two bottom and two surface. (3).Fittings: 8 standard container corner mould fittings PVC standard rainwater pipe(4).Forklift openings: size 100*250mm, distance is 1200mmFloor of container house(1).External wainscot: Flat galvanized color steel sheet, 0.5mm thickness(2).Floor structure: Girder made of 3mm steel. The purlin is steel tube size 80*40*2mm(3).Warm proof Insulation layer:(a)75mm glass wool(b)18mm bamboo plywood(c)1.5mm PVC floor leather for living rooms floor;Ceiling of container houseConstruction:(1).Roof exterior layer: 1.2mm steel plate with epoxy painting(2).Warm proof insulation filling: 75mm glass wool between steel tube purlins;(3).Inner wainscot: 8mm OSB board with 12mm PVC decoration board.  Walls of container house(1). Common 75mm EPS sandwich panel out skin 0.4mm,inner skin 0.35mm,12kg/m3.optional insulation PU,rock wool,optional thickness 50mm,100mm(2).Galvanize window opening on the wall if needed.Door of container house(1).External door: Insulated with opening dimension 950*2100mm, furnished with lock    with 3keys.(2).Inner door: Insulated steel door.Windows of container houseWindow material: PVC window with fly screen. Double glass, 4mm glassElectrical fittings option of container houseElectrical wire, 2.5mm2 for lighting system, and 4mm2 for AC units. Main outlet and input industrial socket with 32A. 3 pcs 16A five hole universal socket.2 pc double tube fluorescent lamp, 220V,50-60HZ1 pc Single Switch, Honyar brand, with junction box1 pc Electrical distribution box, box+breakers+earth leakage protective deviceOptional Water system fittings of container house(1).Water drain pipe, PPR pipe, dim 16-20mm, connection fittings are made of copper, life span over 10 years. (2).Exhaust fan or air exchange hole, size 250mm*250mm made of steel or PVC (3).Sanitary ware: (a).Western Close tool: ceramic, with pipes and installation fittings(b).Urinal: ceramic, with pipes and installation fittings(c).Wash basin: ceramic, with post, faucet, pipes and installation fittings(d).Shower head, Shower base, Water mixture.Plan of 40ft toilet containerInstallation of toilet containerChecking &packing of toilet container1.CheckingCarefully check the shipping list. making sure no mistake.2.PackingOption one: a standard container house packed in one flat pack, 4 sets combined into one package. It can be shipped on board just as one 20' shipping container, The package will be protected by plywood boards around and thin film wrapped.Option two:  mixed packaging. Roof and chassis will be packed together with bolts; all the wall panels packed together with wooden pallet in the bottom, corrugated board on the surface, and EPS board in the interspace. It will be shipped in 40' container.FAQWhy Choose Container house for Site Camp Solution?There are many advantages to modular camp construction for site camps including:(1).Good ability to assemble and disassemble for several times without damage.(2).Could be lifted, fixed and combined freely.(3).Heatproof and waterproof.(4).Cost saving and convenient transportation (Each 4 container house can loaded in one standard container)(5).Service life can reach up to 15 - 20 years(6).We can provide the service of installation, supervision and training by extra.Our companyLaizhou Hongshengda Machinery Co., Ltd. ,belongs to Lazhou Construction Group, is a professional container house,prefabricated house,steel structure warehouse etc government owned company and alibaba 8 years golden supplier,we have very strict quality and cost control system.our houses have been sold over 100 countries for good quality and competitive priceOur staff style   Our certificates 


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