One Bedroom Modular Homes

Description of one bedroom modular homesThe modular homes has advantages as follows1.Speed of construction/faster return on investment. Modular construction allows for the building and the site work to be completed simultaneously. According to some materials, this can reduce the overall completion schedule by as much as 50%.2.Ability to service remote locations. Particularly in countries in which potential markets may be located far from industrial centers, such as Australia, there can be much higher costs to build a site-built house in a remote area or an area experiencing a construction boom such as mining towns.3.Low waste. With the same plans being constantly built, the manufacturer has records of exactly what quantity of materials are needed for a given job. While waste from a site-built dwelling may typically fill several large dumpsters, construction of a modular dwelling generates much less waste.4.Environmentally friendly construction process. Modular construction reduces waste and site disturbance compared to site-built structures5.Flexibility. One can continually add to a modular building, including creating high rises.Material list of one bedroom modular homes as followsThe column nomally is square tube and the distance of two column normally is 4 times of 1.5 meters. But we will adjust the location of the column to follow the partition wall sometimes. And we will use the C chanel fix on the floor and hold the panel. All the panel cover the steel column.The foof will use the steel corrugated sandwich panel. The roof panel will be fixed above the peulins by tapping screws. If the roof is single or double slope, then there is no need to cut the panel. If it is of other shape, then we have to cut it to make the shape.Plan of one bedroom modular homes applications and projects of modular homesApplications:Portable house is widely use as below,Temporary construction houses, labor camp and disaster relief housing;Granny flat and outbuilding.Accommodation for field work as the road, railway, building, etc.Temporary offices, conference rooms, headquarters, lodging house, store, schools, hospitals, parking area, exhibition gallery, power distribution room.Temporary laboratory, maintenance, service station;Hotel and vacation house etc.Previous projects


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