Manual Single-beam 3D Cenima System

1、3D cinema systems use an integrated design in order to link integrally with a projector using a screw and a provided stand. Installation and maintenance is quick and convenient as well as right at your fingertips. 2、Independently developed liquid material is applied. Support 60 fps or above to make the frames smooth. 3、Unique metal preprocessing improves the resistance of Polar Screen to glare. It is difficult for it to overheat,Website:, even after long running times, and performs reliably while avoiding screen burns. 4、At a global leading level, our Polar Screen realizes a 40% light transmittance, which produces greater clarity, brightness, and rich colors for 3D frames.5、Through a high-temperature vacuum, a layer of tight molecular film is formed on the glass surface. The film can resist most oil stains, which makes cleaning and maintenance a breeze. 6、A super wear-resistant chemical coating is layered on the surface of Polar Screen. It improves glass hardness to 9H to make the glass resistant to wear and scratches as well as impervious to damage. 7、It does not have a cooling fan. This prevents dust aggregation caused by cooling fans, keeping Polar Screen cleaner.Turbo ScreenPolarizer Dimensions234*211*25 mmOptical PrincipleCircular PolarizationLight Transmittance40%±1Light Efficiency16%±1Contrast Ratio>150:1Ghosting Rate<1.5%Supported Frame Rate24/48/60 fpsSurface Hardness>9HSurface Oil ResistanceAvailableSurface Metal PreprocessingAvailableOne-click Transposition of Left and Right PictureAvailableSilver ScreenGain Coefficient>2.4Polarization Contrast>150:1Digital ProjectorSupported BrandsNEC,Bacro,ChristieSupported Luminance33000lm


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