Dual Projection Single-beam 3d System

1、Supportive for high Luminance Projector Able to support projector with up to 32,Website:http://www.freedeo3d.com,000 Luminance, suits for Large Movie hall with over 500 Seats.2、Dual-Polarzing system suits different type of Hanging system, Manual or Automatic Hanging system will meet different installation purpose.3、High Quality &Reliable Polarizing component With special Metal pretreatment surface, no damage under co-working with high luminance projector is guaranteed.4、High light-efficiency 40% light efficiency can bring bright,clear and fantastic 3D image, also help cinema to meet cost down purpose by extending life time of Xenon light.5、Suitable for use FD-B02 is made for Huge Movie hall or theater only.Turbo ScreenPolarizer Dimensions245*123*19mmOptical PrincipleCircular PolarizationLight Transmittance40%±1Light Efficiency17%±1Contrast Ratio>150:1Ghosting Rate<1.5%Supported Frame RateAllSurface Hardness>9HSurface Oil ResistanceAvailableSilver ScreenGain Coefficient>2.4Polarization Contrast>150:1Digital ProjectorSupported BrandsNEC,Bacro,ChristieSupported Luminance33000lmProjection HallThrow RatioThere is no limitDistance8m or above


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