High Torque Electric Motor

YCT series electromagnetism speed regulating motor,Website:http://www.wingostarmotors.com, one of the main products derived from Y series motor, consists of electromagnetic slip clutch, speed meter generator and pulling motor, is matched with controller which the rated speed regulating range. It can be used in the industries of textile, chemical, metallurgical, papermaking, plastic processing etc. and various machines and equipments which require speed regulation. It is suitable for the machines whose running torque loads decrease progressively, such as centrifugal pump and blower, etc. The capacity or pressure can be controlled with speed regulation instead of valve, which has conspicuous effects of energy saving.> Characteristics: A.C steeples speed regulating, it has automatic regulating system, and speed rate of variation is not exceed 2.5%.Free of uncontrolled point and wide range of speed regulating(max 10:1)Good performance and with higher starting torqueSimple structure,easy in operation and maintenanceLow power in controlling,it could has multi-mod to control 


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