300W Xenon Lamp

Product OverviewSZN-1202 Xenon Lamp is a super power and smart performance flash lamp for intelligent traffic system. Under dark environment, it provides high power fill flash and helps intelligent traffic camera to capture clear and colorful picture of number plate and human face in the vehicle. It has easy operated function of manual brightness adjustment to get proper light effect. With excellent performance, convenient installation and long life time, this product is superior in the market.‍Capture Picture-1Capture Picture-2Produce Feature1.Easily adjust light brightness in the field.2.High output of instantaneous light power with uniformity of light spot.3.Longer life time than normal flash lamp.4.Instant relighting, assure continuously multiple flash per second.  5.Suitable in variety of working environment.6.Less reflective.7.Colorful picture available.SpecificationModelSZN-1202Synchronous InterfaceOne port capture trigger inputPower SupplyAC220V (AC165V~265V)Power per flashadjustable (80%、85%、90%、95%、100%)Flash Timesmore than 5million timesPower ConsumptionMax. 300WRecycle Time0.001-0.1sFlash FrequencySupport to continuously capture 2 pictures per timeTrigger MethodDry contactReflective Bowl Angle±15°Protection LevelIP65Color temperature5600K (±200K)Working temperature-25~+50℃Storage temperature-40~+85℃Weight3.85kgSize320*190*190 mmHardware1. SZN-1202 xenon lamp has power cable and control signal cable.2. Power cable wiring definition.Base PinColor of outgoing wireSignalRemark1BrownPower line 2BlueZero line3Yellow-GreenGNDMust be ground for safety3. Control cable wiring definition.Base pinColor of outgoing wireSignal & FunctionRemark1RedTrigger+Falling edge effectively2BlackTrigger-3Orangecommon line 4WhiteConnect orange and white wire to get 95% powerPower adjustment5YellowConnect orange, white and yellow wire to get 90% powerPower adjustment6GreenConnect orange and green wire to get 85% powerPower adjustment7 Connect orange, white, yellow and green wire to get 80% powerPower adjustmentWarning: Cut off the outer copper of unused wires and wrap them with electrical insulation type to avoid power reduce from short circuit.The principle diagram of interfaceConnection between camera and flash lamp‍Dimension (mm)Matters need attentionIn order to get better performance of lamp, please pay attention to below:1.Reflection of number plate may cause overexposure, please install the lamp in proper position and adjust the multiple exposures setting of camera to avoid this situation.2.Camera shutter speed has influence to image effect at day and night, please make proper setting on it. Suggested setting is 1/100~1/250 or AUTO.3.Lens aperture is a key factor affecting the imaging, please have a proper adjustment in field. The bigger F-rate the lower light flux, the smaller F-rate the higher light flux.4.The power wire should connect to ground wire, otherwise may cause electrical shock.5.The lamp contents high voltage power supply which is strictly prohibited to open, otherwise it may cause electrical shock.6.In case that the lamp is overheated the circuit will stop working and after temperature down it will turn to work again.7.Wires can't be tighten in case of waterproof purpose.After sales service1.In case that product damaged except artificial reason and the force majeure, we offer 5million flash times guaranteed of tube and 24 months warranty of control circuit, lifetime maintenance with cost price.2.We keen to ensure the accuracy and completeness of content, but due to limited time we couldn't complete tests of all application area, any mistake are expected to be corrected.3.We reserve the right to product design or material change.


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